Our Continence Products

Our Continence Products

Our Continence Products

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For Every Body, Every Day

Our continence care range has grown rapidly over the past decade, but with every product we strive to offer something that meets your unique needs, making self-catheterisation a seamless part of your day.

ConavTec exists to improve the lives we touch, and that dedication to people is clear in our continence range. Built around our innovative GentleCath™ self-catheterisation technology, ConvaTec’s collection of urinary incontinence supplies delivers a more comfortable, cleaner-feeling experience for catheter users. Covering urine meter drainage bag, intermittent catheters, leg bags and associated devices, the ConvaTec range of products for urinary incontinence offers solutions for men and women across Australia.

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Our GentleCath™ range is enabled by FeelClean™ technology. FeelClean™ delivers a hygienic experience for intermittent catheter users, embedding the hydrophilic additive needed for smooth insertion in the catheter material itself. For users, this means that FeelClean™ catheters are hydrophilic across all surfaces from the tip to the end, ensuring smooth insertion.

When ready to use, simply wet the FeelClean™ catheter and the hydrophilic compound activates – a slippery surface is immediately created, and the catheter is ready for insertion. A no-touch handling strip helps to minimise the risk of infection, delivering a more hygienic self-catheterisation experience to users. The catheter maintains this slippery surface even within the environment of the urethra, simplifying removal. Upon removal, the catheter dries rapidly without sticky residue, allowing easy cleaning and storage between uses.

Together, these features deliver significant benefits to catheter users. More than 90% of patients rated GentleCath™ Glide better than their usual catheter for comfort during use, while more than 85% rated GentleCath™ Glide with FeelClean™ Technology “very comfortable” or “comfortable” for comfort on insertion and comfort on removal.

Catheters for female and male incontinence

Discover the GentleCath™ difference for yourself and learn why ConvaTec is one of the preferred catheter suppliers for patients across Australia. Browse through our online continence management range to find the catheter supplies that you would like to buy or sample for free. If you need any help, please call our dedicated Customer Care team on 1800-335-276.