6 Tips to Cathing in a Public Place


6 Tips to Cathing in a Public Place

Last updated 11/09/20

Feeling comfortable to catheterise in a public place can be the most liberating step as an intermittent catheter user. It can provide you with confidence to go wherever you want.

We’ve put some tips together that are designed to make the process easy and discreet for you:


1. Make sure you carry extra supplies

This includes any accessories you typically use such as antibacterial hand gel, cleansing wipes and a compact mirror



2. Practice Clean Hygiene

Wash your hands both before and after your routine



3. Try to use the same technique you would use at home

Hang a bag on the door or use paper towels on your lap to mimic a replacement shelf if needed



4. Utilise your clothing for discretion if needed

Use your jacket or a long-sleeve shirt to help conceal your supplies



5. Stay calm

Other people are most likely focusing on what they’re doing rather than what you’re doing in the bathroom cubicles



6. Practice when you’re at home

Try to mimic your public routine whilst in the comfort of your own home, including the supplies you’re likely to need and use